S4 League plays similarly to other online Korean and now English games of its nature, such as GunZ and eXteel; however it is somewhat unusual in its particular emphasis on teamwork, and sports, rather than violence aligned perspectives along with the high difficulty in playing. It is a Third Person Shooter, with Four modes of play so far: Touchdown, Deathmatch, Chaser, and Arcade; all, except Arcade, have with either no limits, their own "special" limits, or Sword-Only that restricts users to melee weapons and limited skills.

Players must have at least one weapon and one skill equipped in order to enter a room and play.

Sword-Only mode is an equipment restriction when imposed limits players to melee weapons. This style of gameplay prohibits ranged weapons and leaves only two passive skills (SP Mastery or HP Mastery) to be used.

Also a feature called the Combi system exists. The Combi system focuses on teamwork. Grouping up and playing with people with this system and playing in the same room as them gives the player a boost in EXP. There is also a student-teacher concept where a level 13+ player is called a "Combi Master" and is treated as a teacher towards the "student" player. When one becomes a "Combi Master", they may purchase a special Master Set from the shop.