Along with weapons and skills, S4 sports a large selection of clothing items including shirts, head decorations, pants, shoes, and gloves. All items can be upgraded to give additional bonuses to damage, damage reduction, HP and SP, and other benefits such increasing moving speed.

Most outfits resemble characters from the Music Videos of the songs in the DJMAX series (another game franchise made by Pentavision). A male character can buy the costume that makes them look like the gambler from the music video of Out Law, a female character can buy the costume that makes them look like the girl wearing yellow in the opening video for the first DJ Max Portable. Both gender characters can buy NB Ranger Masks (known in S4 as Envy Rangers, due to NB sounding almost like Envy).

Items in the shop are usually part of a set but may be mixed and matched freely. Completing a set does not give any additional bonuses. Some items require the player to reach a certain level before using, but also do not give any additional bonuses.

Clothing can be repaired at all time since one of the latetst Updates, despite now all clothing can only be bought from 1 day up to until 30 days Repairs are roughly one half of the original purchase price, although the repair prices are getting decreased. If an item is upgraded, repair prices are doubled. Damage applied to equipment during Touchdown matches are reduced if the player is killed while holding the Fumbi. (Research is being conducted to determine whether or not the damage to equipment in a Touchdown game is GREATER than damage to equipment in a Death Match)