In Chaser Mode, one player is chosen randomly to become the Chaser, who is indicated by the actual Chaser hovering near him (being 3 available for purchase at the Shop). The Chasers objective is to dominate the other players in the given time, or die if the players are too powerful, which is unlikely since the Chaser receives a huge attack and defense bonus, and reload time is shortened. The Chaser is also limited, since the Chaser Doll is blocking part of the visible area, and the players are outlined in red and black from his/her eyes. The players who are not chosen as the Chaser are the survivors. Their objective is to either kill the Chaser or survive in the time given. When enough attack power is implied on the Chaser, measured by a bar, the player receives 2 bonus points. While in a round, the player who is in 1st place and is not the Chaser is the "Target". The Target will always have visible cross-hairs which can be seen as long as the target is in your viewing screen. If the Target is killed, the Chaser receives double points and the next player on the ranking list is the Target as long as he/she's alive. There are also damage rankings, which are awarded to players if they either harm the Chaser enough with ranged or close-ranged weapons. Damage rankings give off bonus EXP at the end of the match.