Arcade Mode is similar to "Story Mode". It pits 1–4 players to work together to complete 8 stages against computer opponents, with three difficulty levels to choose from. Each stage has a different objective, from either defeating all the waves of enemies, protecting a NPC friend, or defeating a boss. Before and after each stage, there are cut scenes that advance the story further. Players get 6 P-Coins a day, which can be used for extra lives. They reset every day and do not stack. If the player runs out of lives and dies during Arcade, they must pay 300 PEN per respawn. From completing Arcade, players receive PEN for completing each stage. When they complete all 8 stages, they will receive an "Arcade Capsule." It is basically a lottery capsule with random rewards. The higher difficulty level beaten, the better the rewards. No EXP is rewarded from Arcade Mode) .